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Judy McCabe Dancers

At Judy McCabe Dancers we aim to have fun and learn all styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, modern/contemporary, hip hop, boys only classes, drama, singing, acrobatics as well as exam work and showgroup performance.

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About Us

Judy Robinson, Principal, likes all students to gain valuable experience in dance without losing the fun aspect.

All students can dance at the Annual JMD Concert as well as other opportunities to perform in various public performances, eisteddfods, competitions as well as cheerleading.

Many students have gone on to perform overseas, become qualified dance teachers and have gained work in the dance industry.

"We believe while we keep the fun in dance, our students will continue to enjoy it" 

Classes We Offer

All Judy McCabe dance classes offer an ideal way for children to develop confidence, fitness, creativity and self-expression in a safe and encouraging environment.

All classes are taught to the British Dancing Association Syllabus and run during the school term.

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Students learn routines to the latest pop songs in a fast paced, energetic and fun class. Technique is fundamental to this dance style which focuses on isolating various parts of the body while developing coordination, strength, flexibility and rhythm.

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This class lets you do just that while developing a sense of rhythm, a good listening ear along with co-ordination and some fancy footwork. Students learn how to produce various types of sound by incorporate timing, syncopation and percussion with the controlled use of three parts of the feet (toe, ball and heel).

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This traditional art combines dance, mime and music to tell a story or evoke a mood. With emphasis on the method and execution of movement, ballet is an excellent class to help students develop discipline, posture, alignment, technique and grace.

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Hip Hop

This street style of dance is rapidly growing in popularity. Students learn how to keep their feet grounded, chest down and body loose to enable them to alternate between hitting the beat and riding through a beat. No better way for kids to jump around and burn off that excess energy.

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Perfromance Group

Students who like more of a challenge and are interested in performing and competition are encouraged to join the Performance Group for tap and jazz. New routines are learnt, practiced, polished and performed at eisteddfods and shows. Call Judy if you are interested on 0408 551 899.

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Sing like a star. Learn to how to project your voice properly using the correct techniques of pitch, sound, tone and breathing. You could be the next pop star. Don’t be shy. Group and private lessons available.

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Gain confidence and develop your skills using a high degree of thinking, feeling and movement while gaining confidence and self-belief. Learn how to speak in front of an audience and act out in character all while having fun.

Urban Dance

Boys only

The boys only dance program is a great way for boys to develop skills in an encouraging environment. Our boys hip hop and tap classes show how strong and masculine movement can create great performances.

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This has to be one of the highlights of our dance calendar! Each football season our dancers (little and big) cram the field with hundreds of dancers from the Sutherland Shire – all performing the one routine together as part of the half time entertainment.